Life is Your Creation

How do you go somewhere new without directions or knowing your destination's address? You could stumble upon the place but it would take lots of time, energy, confusion, and frustration. However, if you used the internet to find a location and then followed directions towards it you would get there a lot faster and have a very clear understanding of where you're going. The steps would be clearly outlined and you would have a clear vision. That is what a vision board is for. A visualization of your destination. Constantly looking at your destination on a vision board puts you closer everyday. What do you want your days to look like? How do you want to start your days? Starting everyday with an intent gives clear direction to your life. Do you feel like days, weeks, months, and years fly by? It is because you're not setting clear intentions for your day. If you set clear intentions you would feel more present within the moment and life won’t pass you by. You’ll move with life and embrace the present. Time is now and all we have is now. We no longer have the past and we have yet to hold the future. A saying as old as time goes something like this -  today and this moment is a gift and that is why it is called the present. I am not an expert but I am trying. By blogging and romanticizing my life I will get closer to my dream vision and reality every day and every minute. The goal is to be 1% better everyday. 

The above paragraph was written a few days ago and since then I’ve had a major break-through.

I picked up Neville Goddard’s Power of Awareness book again last night and the law of assumption made more sense to me than it has before. I wrote the following “vision boards, alter egos, affirmations, visualization… so many things, so many routes all leading to the same destination. A life of assumption, ‘being’, ‘be as you wish to be seen’. Being as is. The law of assumption has many ways to fruition but in the end it is always being as you wish. Acting as you wish. Thinking as you wish. Being as you wish. Living with the reality that the future you desire is yours just not within grasp. Don’t allow yourself to lose time. Be present. Be within your thoughts, your imagination. Be. Create. Seem. Assume. Be.”

I wanted this first blog post to be about creation in a lot of ways. All coming to the conclusion that you create your own reality. How you perceive others and situations all is within your own imagination, your own creation.

The first chapter - Pregnancy. It was sometime late summer and I was THRIVING. I finally had abs, I got a promotion at work, great friends, always doing something fun on the weekend, being productive, and having a grand ol’ time. Then… I missed my period… Did I say I was thriving? I was thriving in a very selfish way. My whole life was self-centered around my own happiness. Home life wasn’t great, in fact, it wasn’t even okay. Things were not going well. I was being very selfish with my actions and acting out of character. Well.. it may have even been my character at that time. All of that and my past came to an immediate glaring red light. Not even a traffic red light, it felt more like a train came out of nowhere and those flashing red lights came down and stopped me right in my tracks. I cannot express in words or on paper how much I did NOT want to be pregnant. In fact, I was at a point where I was wondering if I ever wanted to be pregnant. How was I going to live and be pregnant or even now have a child? I had occupied myself so much with worldly possessions and things in order to not face the reality of being present and now all I could do was be present. However… my presence had nothing. I couldn’t workout because I was so lack luster of energy and depressed. My friends and I only hung out while drinking so I ultimately ended up losing friendships. It was me. Me, myself, and I. Depression sunk in rapidly. It overtook me I became depression. My presence and being was isolation. The only people I spoke to were on a need to speak to basis. Why? Well. Most of it from my own doing because I had no real relationships in life. All of my relationships had ultimatums within them. These I didn’t realize until the relationships were no longer there. Slowly I started to pick up the pieces of my home life along with my significant other. It took months, in fact, most of the pregnancy and still it felt superficial. (The semantics about what went wrong, how long and whose at fault isn’t necessary as this is in the past). By the time I hit my third trimester I finally felt like I had become more present, more “being” but I didn’t know what I was being or better explained as I didn’t know what I wanted to be I just was. That was at least better than the distracted moments I was living in.

Chapter Two- My Daughter arrives. Having Selena and being in those moments was exactly where I needed to be. It was bliss. It felt like the honeymoon phase all over again in life and in my relationship. Months went on and everything continued going up. We moved back to Tennessee, my husband started a different career path, and we ended up starting a side business. The side business proved to us that we do have what it takes to be financially independent. We turned what we learned into actionable knowledge and insights. Now we are starting more of a business and not just a side business.

Now that leads us to - today. June 1st. My daughter is one year old and I’m starting this lifestyle blog. I want to share my story, journey, life, way of being. With the realization that reality - your day - your week - your month - year, so on is your creation. Your creation through what you think, say, how you act all line up and create your surroundings. I have decided to live my life by my own creation. How do I want my life to be? In short, romanticized. Every moment matters, every day is an event, every interaction is an individual interaction. Today I create my life.

I could keep going on and on but this is enough for now. See you soon.


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